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About Us

The team behind TEMPRACAM


TEMPRACAM is a division of Pangolin, a multi-national company founded in 1986, and based in Orlando, Florida - USA. We specialize in the development of medical, industrial, and entertainment-based display and imaging products.


TEMPRACAM operates globally, and we have over 160 dealers worldwide offering distribution, service, and support for our products. We also have seven worldwide locations spread across the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia ensuring you are taken care of wherever you use our products.  

Over 160 Dealers Worldwide 
7 Global Service Centers


Founded in 1986, Pangolin currently has over 45 international patents for innovative technologies released to market. And products developed by Pangolin have served hundreds of thousands of clients around the globe. 


TEMPRACAM’s mission is to deploy innovative thermal imaging camera technology, helping to ensure the safety of the general public from viruses, influenza, and related diseases. TEMPRACAM serves to help businesses and consumers operate in a safe, convenient, and friendly manner, as we enter a new era of business practices and safety implementation. 


  • Honesty – You can trust that TEMPRACAM thermal imaging products adhere to the same high-quality standards you have come to rely on from Pangolin. And you can have full faith that the specifications listed for all of our products are 100% accurate, and independently tested and certified, for compliance and safety.
  • Service – The TEMPRACAM team and our global staff share the same belief… That our #1 priority as a company, is to serve you, our clients. As such, we provide FREE training, FREE support, and a global repair and support network spanning three continents, to ensure you are taken care of. We also employee multi-lingual staff, fluent in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Russian, Chinese, Slovakian, and Czech, to ensure you can communicate with us in a comfortable fashion. Simply put, we will always have your back, and ensure your needs are met. 
  • Passion – Here at the TEMPRACAM, we can assure you that as a client, you will always have a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful representative to work with – whose main focus in building relationships with you, not on making the next sale. We care, and you will feel it through the passion we put into our work. 
  • Quality – TEMPRACAM products are produced to be more aggressively priced, and to cater to the retail marketplace. All systems offered are thoroughly designed, tested and configured to ensure quality performance. We’re not falsifying specifications or cutting corners like some others do. Instead, we’re finding new and innovative ways to reduce costs, and passing the savings onto you. So you can be sure you get a quality product, at an affordable price, with first class service to back it up.  


We promise to provide you with dependable thermal imaging technology, that is aggressively priced, and fully supported. We also promise that if something goes wrong, you can be sure that you will have a vast global support team there, to back you up.