Book: Eloquence

The strategy workbook. Use the proven secrets revealed in the book, applying them to your communication for instant eloquence. The eloquence on demand service.

  • Author : Peter Andrei
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 26 August 2020
  • Category: Uncategorized
  • Pages : 258
  • ISBN 13 : 9798679682641

Book Eloquence

Eloquence Book Summary :

Why do people ignore our ideas or support them? Agree with our positions or undermine them? Tune out when we speak or give us undivided attention? Why do most of us fail to persuade others? Fail to formulate convincing arguments? Fail to speak with confidence and fail to get our way? And why do some lawyers and legal professionals quickly soar above the competition, their words carrying immense weight, while others struggle to communicate effectively? 53 little-known, cutting-edge, and revolutionary (but practically unheard-of) scientific studies present a virtually unknown answer based on irrefutable empirical evidence... The answer? If you can't speak with eloquence, your words don't count. This undermines your professional image and stagnates your career, holding you back and sabotaging your ideas. Eloquent words outperform their weak counterparts. Eloquent words convince. They compel. They captivate. They persuade. They move hearts and minds. And they can change the world. What are the hidden secrets of words that change the world? This concise new release by an Amazon best-selling author dissects the little-known "eloquence secrets" of two of the most impactful messages in the history of American political persuasion. These messages defined the ethos of both major parties, shaped the political discussions we have decades later, and redefined the very meaning of America. Eloquence breaks down the 61 techniques hidden in these two messages, revealing simple, repeatable, step-by-step strategies for eloquent speaking that allow you to: ✓ Inspire, impact, and influence people ✓ Gain an edge in any discussion ✓ Captivate listeners ✓ Avoid people tuning out ✓ Speak with more eloquence than many world-leaders ✓ Grab undivided attention ✓ Persuade people to your point of view ✓ Master the ancient art of rhetoric ✓ Appeal to human emotion for massive influence ✓ Achieve instant eloquence ✓ Attract support to your ideas ✓ Win any argument ✓ Avoid

Book: The Gift of the Gab

In the core analysis of the book, Crystal offers an extended and close dissection of Barack Obama’s electrifying “Yes we can” speech of 2008, in which the president demonstrated full mastery of virtually every element of ...

  • Author : David Crystal
  • Publisher : Yale University Press
  • Release : 17 May 2016
  • Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN 13 : 9780300219418

Book The Gift of the Gab
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The Gift of the Gab Book Summary :

We all know eloquence when we hear it. But what exactly is it? And how might we gain more of it for ourselves? This entertaining and, yes, eloquent book illuminates the power of language from a linguistic point of view and provides fascinating insights into the way we use words. David Crystal, a world-renowned expert on the history and usage of the English language, probes the intricate workings of eloquence. His lively analysis encompasses everyday situations (wedding speeches, business presentations, storytelling) as well as the oratory of great public gatherings. Crystal focuses on the here and now of eloquent speaking—from pitch, pace, and prosody to jokes, appropriateness, and how to wield a microphone. He explains what is going on moment by moment and examines each facet of eloquence. He also investigates topics such as the way current technologies help or hinder our verbal powers, the psychological effects of verbal excellence, and why certain places or peoples are thought to be more eloquent than others. In the core analysis of the book, Crystal offers an extended and close dissection of Barack Obama’s electrifying “Yes we can” speech of 2008, in which the president demonstrated full mastery of virtually every element of eloquence—from the simple use of parallelism and an awareness of what not to say, to his brilliant conclusion constructed around two powerful words: dreams and answers.

Book: Leadership

How to consistently hone the most important aspect of your leadership: communication. How to use 451 expert, advanced communication strategies as your competitive advantage to not only play, but win the game of leadership.

  • Author : Peter Andrei
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 02 April 2020
  • Category: Uncategorized
  • Pages : 372
  • ISBN 13 : 9798633513165

Book Leadership

Leadership Book Summary :

What if every single legendary leader over the past 500 years used a little-known five-step communication process to inspire people, empower movements, and produce legendary results? What if all business managers - whether leading a team of three or company of 300,000 - can use the exact same step-by-step process to convert average performance into surpassing success by breaking through the "communication wall," influencing with ease, and inspiring enthusiastic action? New Release Promotion You Get the "Public Speaking for Leaders" Bonus Bundle Worth $150 for FREE From a URL Inside. This Includes a Video Course. Limited Edition Version Includes 7 Exclusive Bonus Chapters Why do some leaders and managers effortlessly produce enviable results with less work, while others watch things fall apart around them despite working 65-hour weeks? Because of a proven yet little-known brand of communication: the communication of leadership, used by John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and every single U.S. President since FDR. Don't let weak communication hold back your potential to become a legendary leader and successful business manager by constantly undermining your professional image and minimizing the impact of your words. Don't let it frustrate you and erode your confidence. It's a moral travesty that the country's top MBA programs entirely neglect the communication of leadership. I once experienced these struggles myself. I wrote five best-selling books on the hidden, little-known strategies I used to overcome this, and taught them to the country's top project managers. In this new release, you learn 451 proven, little-known, step-by-step strategies to accomplish the five-step communication of leadership process, including: How to easily inspire high performance with the proven power of psychological coalitions. How to instantly achieve awe-inspiring authority with the secret of the re-diagnoser archetype. How to immediately grab full attention with the proven language pa

Book: The Eloquent Leader

Learn the eternal principles of communicating with confidence and internal equanimity in even the most high-stakes situations. What do you get in the exclusive, limited-edition version of The Eloquent Leader?

  • Author : Peter Daniel Andrei
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 02 September 2020
  • Category: Uncategorized
  • Pages : 258
  • ISBN 13 : 9798682296262

Book The Eloquent Leader

The Eloquent Leader Book Summary :

Why do so many leaders fail? And how can you succeed? The verdict is in... 192 leadership books, 9 top leadership experts, and 31 studies on business management reveal two startling facts. The first? Effective communication is essential to effective leadership. The second? $200,000 Ivy-League educations and $2,000 management courses neglect it. The disappointing result? Most leaders are weak communicators. This undermines them no matter what they do right, degrading their confidence and stagnating their career. Things start slipping through the cracks. Progress slows. People don't know what to do, or worse, why they should do it. It rarely stops there... Weak communication leads to inefficiency, a climate of distrust, and missed opportunities. It creates a culture of scarcity, fear, and uncertainty. And it forces everyone to work harder but get less done, condemning entire teams, branches, and even organizations to dysfunction. What do you learn in The Eloquent Leader? In this concise new release, Peter reveals the TEN ESSENTIAL STEPS to communication that propels you forward by helping you unshackle your leadership from the chains of weak communication: ✓ How to improve your structure. Learn proven, step-by-step, "plug-and-play" speaking formulas for achieving instant influence and easy persuasion in as little as two minutes. ✓ How to improve your words. Learn simple principles for gaining an edge in any discussion, drawing people into your ideas, speaking confidently, and eliminating stutters and stumbles. ✓ How to improve your message. Learn reliable strategies for creating an irresistible psychological pull towards your proposal, attracting support, and quickly getting your way. ✓ How to improve your vocal tonalities. Learn hidden, little-known, underground secrets of vocal tonalities for earning trust and subconsciously impacting, influencing, and inspiring others. ✓ How to improve your body language. Learn scientifically proven, time-tested, irrefuta

Book: The Elements of Eloquence

Mark Forsyth's 'sparkling' (Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph) and idiosyncratically brilliant third book.

  • Author : Mark Forsyth
  • Publisher : Icon Books
  • Release : 03 November 2016
  • Category: English language
  • Pages : 208
  • ISBN 13 : 1785781723

Book The Elements of Eloquence

The Elements of Eloquence Book Summary :

FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE SUNDAY TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER THE ETYMOLOGICON. 'An informative but highly entertaining journey through the figures of rhetoric ... Mark Forsyth wears his considerable knowledge lightly. He also writes beautifully.' David Marsh, Guardian. Mark Forsyth presents the secret of writing unforgettable phrases, uncovering the techniques that have made immortal such lines as 'To be or not to be' and 'Bond. James Bond.' In his inimitably entertaining and witty style, he takes apart famous quotations and shows how you too can write like Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde or John Lennon. Crammed with tricks to make the most humdrum sentiments seem poetic or wise, The Elements of Eloquencereveals how writers through the ages have turned humble words into literary gold - and how you can do the same.

Book: How Highly Effective People Speak

Presidents and CEOs; top-performers and respected professionals; leaders and visionaries. In How Highly Effective People Speak, you'll discover 194 communication habits of highly effective people (proven by 57 scientific studies).

  • Author : Peter Andrei
  • Publisher : Independently Published
  • Release : 29 May 2020
  • Category: Uncategorized
  • Pages : 246
  • ISBN 13 : 9798649598507

Book How Highly Effective People Speak

How Highly Effective People Speak Book Summary :

Why do we think what we think? Think we know what we think we know? Believe what we believe? Like what we like? Do what we do? Why do others trust or distrust us? Respect or disrespect us? Listen to or ignore us? Reach out to or neglect us? Like or dislike us? Praise or slander us? Believe or doubt us? That's not all... Why do others follow our lead or stand in our way? Give us opportunities or send them elsewhere? Support our striving for success and appreciate our message or toss it - and us - aside? Decades of cutting-edge (but unheard-of) scientific research presents an answer... Because hidden, little-known secrets of psychology influence everything about us... Neglecting them is swimming upstream. You can't change minds, win allies, or influence people. You can't earn undivided attention or the respect you deserve. You undermine your professional image, stagnate your career, and destroy your confidence until communication makes you anxious. You don't deserve this... And how do I know all this? Because I've been there: I remember wondering... "Why do my ideas never catch on? Why do I face so much professional rejection, stagnating my career? Why can't I influence anyone?" But everything changed when I answered one question... What are the communication habits of highly effective people? It comes down to one secret: Highly effective people speak how the human mind evolved to interpret information. The result? They easily persuade and instantly influence. They turn communication from an obstacle into an opportunity. They enrich their careers, get more done, and advance with stunning speed. They impact and inspire others, rising to positions of leadership. They change their field, excel with ease, and shape the world. They attract others, feel confident, and smash goal after goal. Who are they? Presidents and CEOs; top-performers and respected professionals; leaders and visionaries. And here's my question to you: Will you be one of them? In How Highly Effective Pe

Book: Speak with Impact

Written by former opera singer turned CEO and TEDx speaker Allison Shapira, Speak with Impact unravels the mysteries of commanding attention in any setting, professional or personal.

  • Author : Allison Shapira
  • Publisher : AMACOM
  • Release : 16 October 2018
  • Category: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 240
  • ISBN 13 : 9780814439364

Book Speak with Impact

Speak with Impact Book Summary :

Your voice matters, especially as a leader. Every day, you have an opportunity to use your voice to have a positive impact--at work or in your community. You can inspire and persuade your audience--or you can distract and put them to sleep. Nervous, rambling robotic--these presentation styles can ruin a talk on even the most critical topics. And with each weak performance, career prospects dim. To get ahead and make an impact, you need to deliver well-crafted messages with confidence and authenticity. You must sound as capable as you are. Public speaking is a skill, not a talent. With the right guidance, anyone can be a powerful speaker. Learn to conquer fear, capture attention, motivate action, and take charge of your career with Speak with Impact. Written by an opera singer turned CEO, speaker, and executive communication coach, the book unravels the mysteries of commanding attention in any setting, professional or personal. Whether it’s speaking up at a meeting, presenting to clients, or talking to large groups, the book’s easy-to-use frameworks, examples, and exercises help you Kickstart the creative process Compose a clear and concise message Engage your audience through storytelling and humor Banish filler words and uptalk Strengthen and project your voice Use breathing techniques to overcome stage fright Use effective body language Build your executive presence Deliver presentations with confidence and authenticity When you know what to say and how to say it, people listen. Find your powerful voice… and step into leadership. Speak with impact.

Book: The Elegance of the Hedgehog

The phenomenal New York Times bestseller that “explores the upstairs-downstairs goings-on of a posh Parisian apartment building” (Publishers Weekly).

  • Author : Muriel Barbery
  • Publisher : Europa Editions
  • Release : 02 September 2008
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 325
  • ISBN 13 : 9781609450137

Book The Elegance of the Hedgehog

The Elegance of the Hedgehog Book Summary :

The phenomenal New York Times bestseller that “explores the upstairs-downstairs goings-on of a posh Parisian apartment building” (Publishers Weekly). In an elegant hôtel particulier in Paris, Renée, the concierge, is all but invisible—short, plump, middle-aged, with bunions on her feet and an addiction to television soaps. Her only genuine attachment is to her cat, Leo. In short, she’s everything society expects from a concierge at a bourgeois building in an upscale neighborhood. But Renée has a secret: She furtively, ferociously devours art, philosophy, music, and Japanese culture. With biting humor, she scrutinizes the lives of the tenants—her inferiors in every way except that of material wealth. Paloma is a twelve-year-old who lives on the fifth floor. Talented and precocious, she’s come to terms with life’s seeming futility and decided to end her own on her thirteenth birthday. Until then, she will continue hiding her extraordinary intelligence behind a mask of mediocrity, acting the part of an average pre-teen high on pop culture, a good but not outstanding student, an obedient if obstinate daughter. Paloma and Renée hide their true talents and finest qualities from a world they believe cannot or will not appreciate them. But after a wealthy Japanese man named Ozu arrives in the building, they will begin to recognize each other as kindred souls, in a novel that exalts the quiet victories of the inconspicuous among us, and “teaches philosophical lessons by shrewdly exposing rich secret lives hidden beneath conventional exteriors” (Kirkus Reviews). “The narrators’ kinetic minds and engaging voices (in Alison Anderson’s fluent translation) propel us ahead.” —The New York Times Book Review “Barbery’s sly wit . . . bestows lightness on the most ponderous cogitations.” —The New Yorker

Book: What People Want

What People Want offers a practical manual to human nature, allowing you to: Compel, influence, and persuade with your words Experience deep empathy for those around you Read others with a penetrating eye, understanding their wants and ...

  • Author : Peter Andrei
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 19 April 2021
  • Category: Uncategorized
  • Pages : 344
  • ISBN 13 : 9798741076538

Book What People Want

What People Want Book Summary :

What motivates people? Why do they do what they do? What is the foundation of human nature? "Penetrating, incisive, and filled with examples, What People Want offers readers a step-by-step manual for decoding human behavior with ease and accuracy. A must-read for business professionals, leaders, and the politically-minded, What People Want reveals 197 little-known human desires - some basic, many unexpected - based upon reams of compelling evidence." Understanding what people want is the key to decoding the mysteries of the world: the mysteries of politics, history, culture, leadership, business, and personal success... Why do some political candidates win while others fall short? Why is America viciously divided? Why do people vote for who they vote for? Why do some policies succeed while others fail? Why do some mass movements go the distance while others barely make a dent? Why do some believe justice, fairness, and morality mean one thing, while others believe the exact opposite? Why do some businesses rapidly explode in revenue, while others only experience a slow trickle? Why do some companies make the leap to greatness, while others languish in mediocrity? Why do less qualified people get hired and promoted over more qualified ones? Why do some professionals move forward in leaps and bounds, while others have to claw through resistance at every step? Why do people willingly follow some leaders, but openly resent others? Why do some command instant respect from everyone in the room, while others appear helplessly incompetent? Why do people like who they like? Listen to who they listen to? Trust who they trust? Love who they love? Respect who they respect? Befriend who they befriend? Ignore who they ignore? Human desires reveal these answers - and more. And those who don't understand the secrets of human nature remain blind to the truth of the past, present, and future... Those who don't understand others stumble through life, always surprised at what goes on a

Book: The Etymologicon

Unauthorized guide to the underpinnings of the English language.

  • Author : Mark Forsyth
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Release : 16 January 2022
  • Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Pages : 279
  • ISBN 13 : 9780425260791

Book The Etymologicon
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From 30 Ratings

The Etymologicon Book Summary :

Unauthorized guide to the underpinnings of the English language.

Book: The Big Book of Words You Should Know

Do you know what "quatrefoil" and "impolitic" mean? What about "halcyon" or "narcolepsy"? This book is a handy, easy-to-read reference guide to the proper parlance for any situation.

  • Author : David Olsen
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release : 17 December 2008
  • Category: Reference
  • Pages : 448
  • ISBN 13 : 9781440520778

Book The Big Book of Words You Should Know

The Big Book of Words You Should Know Book Summary :

Do you know what "quatrefoil" and "impolitic" mean? What about "halcyon" or "narcolepsy"? This book is a handy, easy-to-read reference guide to the proper parlance for any situation. In this book you will find: Words You Absolutely Should Know (covert, exonerate, perimeter); Words You Should Know But Probably Don't (dour, incendiary, scintilla); Words Most People Don't Know (schlimazel, thaumaturgy, epergne); Words You Should Know to Sound Overeducated (ad infinitum, nugatory, garrulity); Words You Probably Shouldn't Know (priapic, damnatory, labia majora); and more. Whether writing an essay, studying for a test, or trying to impress friends, family, and fellow cocktail party guests with their prolixity, you will achieve magniloquence, ebullience, and flights of rhetorical brilliance.